A new face of Procurement explained at Geneva University (HEG)

It is a privilege to deliver today (May 15th, 2018) this lecture at HEG – Geneva. Glad to observe frontline Retail Managers to consider with fresh eyes the entire value chain dynamics and dependencies from Sourcing to Sales. In fact, I designed this course to demonstrate the direct consequences between Procurement, SRM, and Contract models that Companies use and their frontline functions’ performances.

This cross-functional awareness (re: cause & effect) is critical to date as digitalisation and new technologies enable Procurement Transformation faster than before. However, this transformation will be a success at the end subject to the consultation and understanding of frontline functions within the Procurement cycle.

Thanks again to all « students » for having shared with me your various practices and perspectives in terms of collaboration with your Procurement team and maturity in your Supplier Relationships.

Vincent Faramaz – Costbrokers Partner



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