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About Costbrokers

COSTBROKERS is a Swiss company, innovative and independent, whose objective is to meet your expectations in terms of costs, structure, processes, tools and thus bring you the best of our experience. Our network of experts and consultants, chosen among the best, evolve within a very reactive structure and strongly involved in the optimization of your costs.


Our experts can assist you with direct and indirect expenses (overheads): telecommunications, transport, insurance, cleaning, printing, energy, packaging, waste treatment, and vehicle fleet management. We have a constant concern for quality and respect for suppliers, the main guarantees of your success.

Our commitments

Our approach is structured but remains pragmatic and focuses on tangible results within the first few weeks.


Our experience in auditing, organization, purchasing and project management allows you to benefit from a clear, integrated and efficient methodology.


The cost optimizer is, by nature, a true architect of the supplier relationship. Our staff is trained and multilingual. Our experts have an extensive network and local experience. Optimizations are never at the expense of the quality offered.


Speed and efficiency are essential to manage a file to your complete satisfaction. This is why the availability of our collaborators is one of the cornerstones of our services.


We are passionate about purchasing and significant savings, but it is above all the results in terms of support, innovation, communication and solutions to many of your challenges that we are passionate about every day.

Our assets

What you have built must be maintained over time. Like any leader, you mobilize all your energy, resources and skills in this objective. But how do you make sure you make the right choice and the right decision? The world has become so complicated that having the right information and gathering the necessary skills internally is often too time consuming and costly. We will do our best to optimize the expenses for you to maximize the use of resources and help you facilitate your development.

Cost optimization

You don’t have the time, resources or expertise to manage your costs or you simply want to go further? Our experts will support you and provide you with concrete solutions that will allow you to significantly reduce your costs in a short period of time (quick wins).

Our levers

We have a battery of 100 levers to reduce each of your expenses. Do not hesitate to contact us for a concrete test on an item or a contract.

Sector expertise

Our mission is to help you face the daily challenges brought by your company’s sectorial environment. From the very first interaction with you, we strive to understand the specificities of the ecosystem in which your service evolves. Thanks to this personalized approach and to the experience accumulated by our experts over the years, Costbrokers now has a deep knowledge and expertise in most of the business areas.

Diagnosis Costs

Our experience of nearly 10 years in auditing ensures you an important rigor.

Our offer


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