Costbrokers at the Giseh 2018 event

Costbrokers SA, the swiss independent consulting company specialized in supplier value & relation optimization continues its active development in Switzerland, particularly in the hospital sector and medical world.

The Giseh, organizer of international conferences in management and engineering of hospital systems, held its bi-annual conference in Geneva at the end of August 2018 on the theme:

Systems, networks and health organizations looking for performance.

In this context, both Michael Salama (CEO) and Vincent Faramaz (Partner) were delighted to contribute to the global event dynamic by being one the event sponsor and through many professional meetings held at the Costbrokers stand at HUG (Geneva University Hospital).




The event hosted by the HUG brought together, among other important hospitals: The Federation of Vaud Hospitals, the Imad, Hôpital de la Tour, Jules-Gonin Ophthalmic Hospital and prestigious members of swiss universities such as Professor Naoufel Cheikhrouhou (HEG), speakers from EPFL, the University of Geneva, not to mention highly regards politics members like Mauro Poggia, Head of the Employment and Health Department at the State and Adrien Bron, Director General of Health.

The different views and proposals exchanged were obviously oriented to clinical and operational costs, too often the symptoms of a certain organizational “disease” within health bodies.

The most common causes cited are (1) lack of coordination / communication between stakeholders in the health and care chain, (2) overuse of hospital and expensive technical care infrastructure, and (3) fragmented financing.

Indeed, each type of care (outpatient, hospital, home care) has its own tariff and there is little, or nothing planned to fund prevention and coordination of care. The current model often encourages claimants to not minimizing their care, which maximizes unduly their earnings in return. If, however, health tariffs begin to fall, claimants would most certainly increase their volume to maintain their revenues.

To this regard, Costbrokers team emphasized the significant role of Procurement and the need to consider the entire Supplier value chain in order to optimize operating expenses in hospitals. For example, Costbrokers increases visibility and control of expenses through a single purchasing database and through the segmentation of the strategic/ key / standard supplier portfolio with a specific approach for each category.

We are pleased to share with you our brochure on the best practices of Hospital Purchasing on request:


Michael Salama CEO / Vincent Faramaz, Partner –  Costbrokers SA

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