Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

As its name suggests, the job marketplace brings together in Switzerland a community of candidates and available freelancers with employers and companies looking for temporary and flexible resources. Our platform works in close collaboration with PROCURE, the Swiss Association of Buyers.
All posted jobs are verified by Costbrokers and each candidate interviewed and filtered according to their skills and motivation.
On the side of the candidate, simply apply for a job posted on the platform. Your application is then sent to Costbrokers for validation. On the side of the employer, please post a request for resource on the platform. The request is then sent to Costbrokers for validation.
The match is then entirely yours…

What is our added value to employers?

We aim to make procurement people and supply chainers sourcing more fluid, transparent and bove all less costly. We also believe that it is important to have an extensive practice and expertise of procurement to best qualify and check the submitted profiles. Matches are then based on tangible skills adapted to each cilent context and with really motivated candidates. The efficiency, flexibility and innovation capabilities offered by the platform are our main leitmotivs. The platform offers fluidity and transparency to the market adding to budgets constraints and sometimes urgent requests.

What are the advantages offered by Costbrokers to the candidates?

Each candidate post triggers information check (of the type “Know Your Employee”) by us which makes possible to filter among the best candidates in Switzerland. The candidate, once selected, integrates our database and can then be “invited” on missions that we manage. Being referenced saves time for our candidates and accelerates their development by allowing them to access more choices and integrate a community of buyers / supply chainers in Switzerland and elsewhere.

How does the platform make revenues?

There are 2 scenarii:

Regular candidates: no remuneration is required. The companies contracting with the candidates found on our platform undertake to pay us a commission of 10% of the candidate gross annual salary as soon as the contract is signed.

Freelance resources: the service is free for companies. This will allow quicker assignments posts in the platform to the benefit of the self-employed. The freelance gaining access to a particular assignment contractually agrees to give us a 10% commission of the contracted amount for the mission.
In both cases, Costbrokers wants to keep its level of remuneration much lower compared to the market.

Profiles quality and interest of the platform

Our charter and the methodology deployed require us to be irreproachable. Each post and resource proposal follows a rigorous process by procurement experts. The quality of the selections is thus justified and makes available to our clients a wealth of profiles and an execution speed often higher than those of the general agencies.

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