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Research: Being Nice in a Negotiation Can Backfire

Executive Summary Negotiation experts have long confirmed the intuition that that being warm and friendly pays off at the bargaining table. Recent

AI for Executives: How Machine Learning Is Impacting the Next Generation Workforce

USE THE AI FOR SOURCING Speed up your processes The term “artificial” doesn’t really do the next generation, with the attitude of “how we

Well-designed Outsourcing in conjunction with SRM

Please open the following white paper (in pdf) Well-designed Outsourcing in conjunction with SRM  

Discover a new service with GBS on real estate benchmarking in Switzerland

COSTBROKERS & GBS presents…   « The Unsuspected charms of Real Estate benchmarking»   Benchmarking operating real estate… what’s

Costbrokers at the Giseh 2018 event

Costbrokers SA, the swiss independent consulting company specialized in supplier value & relation optimization continues its active development

First of kind in Switzerland : please fill in our swiss procurement survey – we will glad to share the results

Dear visitors, Please complete the following survey on procurement software in Switzerland so we can send you the anonymised results. Best regards,

Discover our latest interview on outsourcing (Bilan 6.18)

Outsourcing at the heart of the corporate strategy To be a success, this decision must be taken in full consultation with the various parties

Costbrokers participation to the EIPM Dec. 18 Event

Please contact us to join this event. You will be entitled to a specific discount on the current registration fee if you register through us and be

Costbrokers Event : Procurement Digitalisation & Change Management

The Swiss consulting firm Costbrokers SA organised on June 8th, 2018 a conference in the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes (“FER”) in

Costbrokers at CCIG

Page 6 du CCIGinfo no 6

Costbrokers with the FER (Fédération des Entreprises Romandes)

PROCUREMENT DIGITALISATION : E-ACHAT & BLOCKCHAIN JUNE 8 IN GENEVA WORKSHOP at 1h30 pm at the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes  

A new face of Procurement explained at Geneva University (HEG)

It is a privilege to deliver today (May 15th, 2018) this lecture at HEG – Geneva. Glad to observe frontline Retail Managers to consider with

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