Our methodology

4 key steps to support you

Diagnosis Costs

Identification of cost reduction opportunities

Implementation of actions

Summary of savings and recommendations

Step 1 | Diagnosis Costs

Our approach begins with a cost diagnosis that gives you a clear and synthetic view of your expenses.
Within a confidential framework, we analyze the information given and rework it into a new reading grid of your expenses.

Simplicity of starting and implementing our approach
Easy handling of your data to better structure and consolidate your data
Detection of anomalies and identification of sensitive or out-of-scope relationships
Improved transparency and associated processes

Step 2 | Identification of cost reduction opportunities

We identify the purchasing categories or expense items on which we can act most quickly to optimize your costs. With the help of our price benchmarks in Switzerland, we bring you an objective and relevant feedback of your current and future situation.
The difficulty for companies often lies in the lack of time, analysis and negotiation support tools to succeed. The problem rarely lies in a lack of knowledge or understanding. We can help by accelerating the identification and processing of optimization opportunities.

Step 3 | Implementation of actions

The optimization actions identified by COSTBROKERS are endorsed by you, the scope of the optimization actions being able to be modified according to your strategy or the particular context you are dealing with.

A purchasing cost optimization program normally generates significant savings. But it is important not to underestimate the amount of work it requires. The effort required from teams can be significant and is in addition to their daily tasks: managing supplier relationships, organizing promotions, establishing prices, etc.

Detailed monitoring of activities is necessary to ensure that the optimization program stays on track with all suppliers and to accurately measure the benefits as it progresses.

Step 4 | Summary of savings and recommendations

COSTBROKERS keeps you informed of the savings made and projected over time, always with the aim of achieving at least the same quality as you had with your service providers. For us, cost optimization is in no way synonymous with quality degradation. In fact, it is the opposite that motivates our day-to-day action.

The success of a cost reduction project in partnership with a supplier is an even greater challenge. The change management effort required can be considerable, both for our client’s teams and for the supplier’s teams. Communication about the project must be clear and consistent so that suppliers understand what is at stake, why it is important to invest in the joint project and what is expected of them.

Difference for you

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Our services have one goal: to help you better understand what’s going on in your business so you can make informed decisions to move forward.

We work with you to understand exactly what you need and by building a partnership between us that gives you the peace of mind you need.

We make sure that your costs and respectively your overall cash flow are as efficient as possible.

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