Our methodology

The way Costbrokers support their clients

Procurement Diagnosis

Identification of cost reduction opportunities

Setting up actions

Summary of savings and recommendations

Step 1 | Procurement Diagnosis

Our approach begins with an assessment or audit of your purchasing, allowing you to gain a clear and synthetic vision of your spend and various hidden expenses.

In this context, we use your available data and rework them as appropriate with dashboards developed specifically for your needs, which often gives rise to a new vision of your spend.

Simple and pragmatic implementation rules

Big data structure and clear layout

Detection of anomalies and identification of sensitive data or “out of perimeter” data

Higher transparency and procurement processes improvement

Step 2 | Identification of cost reduction opportunities

We identify which categories of purchases or spend items where action is required as quickly as possible to optimise your costs. Thanks to our Swiss price benchmarks, we bring you an objective and relevant picture of your current situation.

The challenge for buyers is lack of time, analysis and negotiation tools rather than ignorance or misunderstanding. Costbrokers help buyers by speeding up the identification of their cost optimisation.

Step 3 | Setting up actions

Any cost optimisation identified by Costbrokers will be subject to your approval. The range of optimisation action can be adjusted according to your strategy or to your specific context. A cost optimisation program normally generates significant savings. That said, it is important not to underestimate the amount of work required. The necessary output from teams can be significant and adds to their daily tasks: managing supplier relationships, setting agreements and prices, etc.

Detailed monitoring is essential to ensure that the optimisation program stays on track with all suppliers and accurately measures the benefits as it progresses.

Step 4 | Summary of savings and recommendations

Costbrokers keeps you informed of saved and projected savings over time, always in the interest of a quality at least equivalent to what you know with your service providers. For us, cost optimization is in no way synonymous with quality degradation. It is the opposite that motivates our action day by day.

Achieving a cost optimisation project in partnership with a supplier is a bigger challenge. The change management effort can be significant, both for our client teams and for the vendor’s teams. Project communication needs to be clear and consistent so that suppliers understand the issue, why it is important to invest in the joint project and what is expected of them.

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